How To Make Oil In Ark?

How To Make Oil In Ark? In the game Ark: Survival Evolved, oil is a valuable resource that is used in many crafting recipes. It can be used to create fuel, flamethrowers, and other items. In this blog, we will show you how to make oil in Ark.

How To Make Oil In Ark?

Step 1: Find Oil Nodes

Oil can be found in the ocean on the edges of the map, or in rock formations in the desert biome. The easiest way to find oil is to look for dark patches in the water or dark rocks in the desert biome.

Step 2: Harvest The Oil

To harvest the oil from the ocean, you will need to use an underwater mount or scuba gear. Swim to the oil nodes and use a tool with high melee damage, such as a Pickaxe or Hatchet, to harvest the oil. To harvest oil from rock formations, you can use a Pickaxe or a chainsaw.

Step 3: Convert Oil To Gasoline

Once you have collected enough oil, you can convert it to gasoline by using a Refining Forge. Place the oil in the forge’s inventory and light the fire to start the conversion process. The conversion process takes time, so be patient.

Step 4: Collect The Gasoline

Once the oil has been converted to gasoline, you can collect it from Refining Forge’s inventory. You can use gasoline to power generators, flamethrowers, and other items.

Step 5: Build An Industrial Grinder

An alternative method of obtaining oil is by building an Industrial Grinder. This machine can grind down various items into their component resources, including oil. Simply place items such as sap, wood, or stone in the grinder’s inventory, and it will convert them into their resources.

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What Is The Easiest Way To Get Oil In Ark?

You can mine Oil from Dark Stone with a Stone Pick or a Metal Pick, with the latter being far more efficient. However, the most effective way of gathering Oil is by using a tamed Dunkleosteus or Ankylosaurus, as they can get the most from each Dark Stone.

How Do You Refine Oil In Ark?

Gasoline is made in the Industrial Forge or the Refining Forge. In order to create gasoline you will need to place 5 oil and 3 hides into the Forge and after 30 seconds it will yield 5 gasoline.

How Do You Make Organic Oil In Ark?

Organic Oil can be made with either Seeds or Fresh Fat. The Seed variety is made from 25 seeds in the Handmill or Alchemy Table. Any combination of seeds will work and will produce 10 Organic oils.

What Eggs Make Oil In Ark?

Oil can be produced in the following ways:

  • Dung Beetle passively produces Oil and Fertilizer with Feces while on a wander.
  • Hesperornis Egg can be turned into Oil in the Cooking Pot or Industrial Cooker.
  • Tusoteuthis and Basilosaurus produce Oil (Tusoteuthis) passively in their inventory.


In conclusion, oil is a valuable resource in Ark: Survival Evolved and there are several ways to obtain it. Whether you are harvesting it from the ocean or using an Industrial Grinder, making oil can be an essential part of your survival in the game.


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