How To Make Plastic Tablecloths Look Nice?

Plastic tablecloths are a popular choice for outdoor events and parties because they are affordable, easy to clean, and come in a wide range of colors and designs. However, they can sometimes look cheap and unappealing. In this blog post, we will guide you through the process of making plastic tablecloths look nice.

How To Make Plastic Tablecloths Look Nice?

Step 1: Choose The Right Tablecloth

The first step in making plastic tablecloths look nice is to choose the right one. Look for a tablecloth that complements the theme or color scheme of your event. You can also consider using multiple tablecloths of different colors or patterns to create an interesting and visually appealing look.

Step 2: Add A Layer

One of the easiest ways to make plastic tablecloths look nicer is to add a layer. You can use a simple white or colored tablecloth underneath the plastic one to create a more elegant and polished look. This will also help to cover up any creases or wrinkles in the plastic.

Step 3: Use Table Runners

Table runners are another great way to add a touch of elegance to plastic tablecloths. You can use a simple, solid-colored runner or one with a pattern or design that complements the plastic tablecloth. Place the runner down the center of the table and arrange your tableware and decor on top.

Step 4: Decorate The Table

Adding decorations to the table can also make plastic tablecloths look nicer. Use simple, inexpensive decorations such as flowers, candles, or table scatter to create a visually appealing look. You can also use colored or patterned plates, cups, and napkins that complement the plastic tablecloth.

Step 5: Smooth Out Any Wrinkles

Wrinkles and creases can make plastic tablecloths look unappealing. To smooth out any wrinkles, simply lay the tablecloth out flat on the table and use a warm iron on the lowest setting to gently iron out any wrinkles. Be careful not to melt the plastic with the iron.

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Can Plastic Tablecloths Look Nice?

Plastic tablecloths can look totally AMAZING and it’s really not that hard to incorporate them into your party decor. In fact when you have a bit of “know-how”, realize that it’s really not that hard at all. Plastic tablecloths can look good. I mean, plastic tablecloths can look REALLY GOOD.

How Do You Beautify A Plastic Table?

To decorate your plastic table, you can add a rug below your plastic table. Place a furry and comfortable rug/ carpet beneath your table to spruce up the look of your space!

How Can I Make My Plastic Table Look Better?

If you want to cover your plastic table permanently, paint is an ideal option. Because plastic is such a slick material, getting traditional paint to stick to it can be tough, so you must choose a paint specifically designed for use on plastic.

How Do You Unwrinkle A Plastic Table Cover?

Put the tablecloth into the dryer on low heat for a few minutes, along with a couple of damp towels. Remove the tablecloth while it is still warm and smooth out the wrinkles. If you still have wrinkles, put the tablecloth back in the dryer for a few more minutes, being careful that it doesn’t get too hot.


In conclusion, making plastic tablecloths look nice is easy with a few simple tips and tricks. Choose the right tablecloth, add a layer, use table runners, decorate the table, and smooth out any wrinkles. By following these steps, you can create an elegant and visually appealing table setting for your next event or party.


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