What Is Adr In Valorant?

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Valorant, the popular tactical first-person shooter developed by Riot Games, has taken the gaming world by storm with its blend of precise gunplay, strategic team dynamics, and unique agent abilities. To excel in Valorant, players must not only possess sharp aiming skills but also a deep understanding of various in-game metrics that contribute to success. One such metric that holds significant importance in assessing player performance is ADR, which stands for Average Damage per Round. Let’s delve into what ADR is and why it matters in Valorant.

What Is ADR In Valorant?

Average Damage per Round, or ADR, is a statistical measure that quantifies the amount of damage a player inflicts on opponents throughout a match, on average, for each round they play. It provides valuable insight into a player’s overall contribution to their team’s success, focusing on the impact they make in terms of weakening or eliminating enemy players.

Calculating ADR

The formula to calculate ADR is relatively straightforward:

ADR = Total Damage Dealt / Number of Rounds Played

For instance, if a player deals a total of 2000 damage in a match that spans 25 rounds, their ADR would be:

ADR = 2000 / 25 = 80

This means that, on average, the player inflicted 80 damage per round.

The Significance Of ADR

ADR serves as a useful indicator of a player’s consistency and effectiveness in engagements. While kills and eliminations are crucial, they don’t tell the whole story. A player might secure a kill by dealing minimal damage, whereas another player might heavily damage multiple opponents without securing the kills. A high ADR suggests that a player consistently contributes to weakening enemies, making it easier for teammates to secure eliminations.

Insight Into Playstyle And Impact

Analyzing ADR provides insights into a player’s playstyle. A player with a high ADR might excel at taking duels, engaging enemies head-on, and causing significant disruption. On the other hand, a player with a lower ADR might prioritize supportive roles, such as providing information, setting up plays for teammates, or controlling critical areas of the map.

Furthermore, ADR helps teams understand the overall impact of a player’s contributions. A high ADR often correlates with a player’s ability to apply consistent pressure on opponents, forcing them to play more defensively and potentially limiting their options.

Improving ADR And Gameplay

While ADR is a valuable metric, it’s important to note that it’s not the only measure of a player’s skill. Other factors, such as map control, ability usage, communication, and team coordination, also play pivotal roles in a player’s overall effectiveness. However, improving ADR can enhance a player’s overall performance and contribute to better team dynamics.

To improve ADR, players can focus on improving their aim and accuracy, learning optimal engagement distances, mastering agent abilities, and making informed decisions during matches. Additionally, studying gameplay footage, analyzing engagements, and seeking feedback from more experienced players can aid in identifying areas for improvement.


Average Damage per Round (ADR) is a vital statistic in Valorant that provides a deeper understanding of a player’s performance beyond just kills and eliminations. ADR showcases a player’s consistent ability to damage opponents, impacting the flow of the game and potentially setting up opportunities for teammates to secure kills. By recognizing the significance of ADR and working to improve it, players can contribute more effectively to their team’s success and refine their overall gameplay skills in the world of Valorant.

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What Is A Good ADR?

ADR is the abbreviation of “Average Damage per Round”, as we mentioned above. Generally, 70-80 ADR is acceptable in the initial phase. Most professional CSGO players have an address of 80 or higher. However, it happens when some superstar players reach above 100.

What Is The ADR Rating In Valorant?

ADR in VALORANT stands for Average Damage per Round, which is one of the best factors to seeing if you have an impact in every round of VALORANT you play!

Is 80 ADR Good?

A good ADR ranges from 60 to 80. This means you consistently have an impact in rounds. Lower ADR shows that you had a bad game and higher is a great game.

Is 70 ADR Good?

A player with an ADR for a match over 100 indicates that they played exceptionally well. A player with an ADR of 80 or higher for a map typically means they played very well. An ADR in the 60-70s range usually means they had an average game, and anything in the 50s or lower usually means a poor or bad game.

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