What Is A Parrillada?

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Culinary experiences often serve as windows into the cultural heritage and traditions of a region. One such delectable journey can be found in the form of parrillada. This South American feast showcases a variety of grilled meats and accompaniments that pay homage to the rich grilling traditions of countries like Argentina, Uruguay, and Chile. In this blog, we embark on a gastronomic adventure to uncover the essence of parrillada, its origins, and the joy it brings to food enthusiasts worldwide.

What Is A Parrillada?

Parrillada, pronounced as “pah-ree-yah-dah,” is a Spanish term that refers to a mixed grill or barbecue feast. It is a celebratory culinary tradition that holds a special place in the hearts of South Americans. The focal point of a parrillada is the grill or barbecue, where a variety of meats are cooked to perfection over an open flame, infusing them with smoky flavors and succulent textures.

Variety Of Meats

The highlight of a parrillada lies in its assortment of meats, which can include:

  1. Asado: This term encompasses various cuts of beef, often ribs, that are marinated and slow-cooked over the grill.
  2. Chorizo: These flavorful sausages, typically made from pork, are seasoned with spices and herbs, contributing to their distinctive taste.
  3. Morcilla: Similar to black pudding or blood sausage, morcilla is made from pork blood and spices, offering a unique and rich flavor.
  4. Short Ribs: These meaty and tender cuts are a favorite on the grill, appreciated for their juicy texture.
  5. Chicken: Marinated and grilled chicken pieces add a lighter option to the mix of meats.

Accompaniments And Traditions

A parrillada experience goes beyond the meats themselves; it encompasses a range of side dishes and accompaniments that enhance the overall feast. These may include chimichurri sauce (a tangy and herby condiment), salsa criolla (a fresh onion and tomato relish), grilled vegetables, and even traditional breads. Additionally, sharing the parrillada experience with loved ones is a cherished tradition, as it fosters a sense of community and togetherness.

Cultural Significance

Parrillada is more than just a meal; it’s a cultural tradition that reflects the South American spirit of hospitality, enjoyment, and sharing. The art of grilling meats over an open flame has been passed down through generations, embodying the essence of family gatherings, celebrations, and the joy of savoring life’s simple pleasures.

Global Appeal

While parrillada is deeply rooted in South American culture, its appeal has transcended borders. Restaurants and culinary enthusiasts around the world have embraced the parrillada concept, offering their own interpretations of the feast. This phenomenon showcases the universal allure of gathering around a grill, savoring the flavors of expertly prepared meats, and relishing the experience of breaking bread with others.


Parrillada is more than just a culinary delight; it’s a celebration of culture, tradition, and the simple joy of coming together over a shared meal. Whether in the heart of Argentina, at a bustling restaurant, or in the comfort of your backyard, the parrillada experience captures the essence of community, camaraderie, and the timeless pleasure of savoring food that’s cooked with love and care. As you savor the smoky flavors and tender meats, remember that a parrillada is not just a feast for the stomach; it’s a feast for the soul.

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What Is A Parrillada Mexicana?

A combination of carne asada, grilled chicken, shrimp and crispy strips of bacon marinated in guajillo sauce. Served on top of grilled onions and chile toreado with guacamole salad, rice and beans.

What Meats Are In A Parrillada?


  • Picanha.
  • Outside Skirt Steak.
  • Vacio (Flank Steak)
  • Argentinian Chorizos.
  • Morcilla (Blood Sausage)
  • Salt & Pepper.
  • String.

What’s The Difference Between A Parrilla And A Bbq?

“Parrilla” is the catch-all name for the type of BBQ traditionally found throughout Argentina, Chile, Uruguay and beyond; also variously known as a gaucho grill or santa-maria grill.

What Kind Of Food Would You Have At A Parrillada?

Parrillada is an Argentinian barbecue dish composed of various meats that are grilled and paired with different sauces, such as chimichurri or mushroom escabeche. This recipe hits back to the origins of Argentinian cooking and is very similar to what we now know as modern-day barbecue.

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