Online ijazah course. Its history and course features

The Ijazah online course is designed to achieve a level of perfection in reciting the Quran. In this personal online ijazah course, students learn advanced topics in tajweed and qiraat through repetition to achieve perfection in one recitation of the Quran.  

History of ijazah

Since 100 A.H (700 AD), “Ijazaa” is permission given by a higher religious authority (usually an indirect student of the Prophet Muhammad) to produce a specific text or subject of knowledge. Anyone who received Ijaza is called “Mujeez” literally one who took Ijaza.   It is also important to know that the scholars decided to give “Sanad” (either “high” or “low sanad”) according to certain characteristics. So the Muslims of the Ijaza system not only have “Ijaza” and “Sanad” but also have either a high quality or low-quality sanad.

Meaning of ijazah

Ijazah is a certificate that authorizes its holder to recite and teach the Quran with Tajweed. In other words, Ijazah symbolizes the merits of a competent teacher to his student, that he can recite the Quran without mistakes, and the right to give Ijaza to others after evaluating their recitation. This tradition makes it possible to pass on to future generations the authenticity of the Quran as it was revealed to the Prophet (blessings and peace of Allah be upon him) and the Quran without alteration or forgery. It is also the highest degree of perfection in reciting the Quran.

The purpose of ijazah

 The purpose of Ijazah is to establish the recitation of the Quran through a chain of authorized transmitters that goes back to the Prophet Muhammad (blessings and peace of Allah be upon him), then to the angel Jibraeel (peace be upon him) and finally to the Almighty. Allah is the original author.  

Features of ijazah Quran online

The ijazah Quran online have several captivating features like qualified instructors, individualized learning, interactive sessions, personalized schedules, memorization support, quizzes, progress tracking etc.

Qualified instructors

All the online Quran courses that deal with either ijazah, tajweed, recitation, or memorization always hire professional instructors who are highly qualified and experienced.

Individualized Learning

Online Ijazah courses often offer personalized attention to students, allowing for individualized feedback and guidance. This approach ensures each student that he or she is getting full attention and support that is necessary for his or her progress in Quranic learning.

Interactive Sessions

The courses are equipped with interactive sessions where students recite the Quran to the instructor. There is on time correction, regular feedback, refinement of recitation skills, and interaction with the instructor as well as other students to share their experience of learning.

Personalized schedules
The best feature that encourages
online Quran ijazah is the personalized schedule. Student can pick the schedule of their ease and feasibility.

Memorization support

Along with the online ijazah course, this also facilitates learning and memorization of the Quran online in this way a learner gets various expertise only by taking admission in one course.


Regular weekly quizzes encourage the students to learn their lesson on time and memorize it properly. It never allows students to miss or skip the online ijazah classes. 

Progress tracking

There is constant tracking of the progress of each student and a report is generated that is shared with the student to improve his or her learning according to the report.

Why there is need to get ijazah?

Ijaza is very important in memorizing knowledge of Quran. In fact, it is one of the most important factors that have protected the knowledge of the Quran against all errors throughout the ages.   Since this is a religious matter, it is very important to get your knowledge of the Quran from an accredited source. So Ijazah is for reciting the Quran, but using Tajweed or Ijazah to memorize the Quran is mandatory for anyone who wants to learn the Quran.

What does a student get from an online Quran ijazah?

Through the online ijaza course students can get

  • Free trial session with an Ijazah certified teacher to see your current pronunciation level  
  • Statement to the teacher according to your weekly schedule.  
  • After successfully completing the Ijazah online course, students will receive an Ijazah certificate.
  • The certificate gives a student the right to teach others and also give Ijazah.


In conclusion, the pursuit of an online Quran Ijazah represents a deep commitment to preserving the authenticity and sacredness of the Holy Quran in the world. The online Ijazah course serves as a bridge connecting Muslim students from all over the world. As students precisely recite and memorize the Holy Quran under the watchful guidance of experienced scholars, they not only attain the technical mastery of Tajweed and memorization but also deepen their spiritual connection with the holy text. Ultimately, an online Ijazah course facilitates a seamless blend of tradition and technology.