How To Make Fuel In Stranded Deep?

How To Make Fuel In Stranded Deep? Stranded Deep is a popular survival game that challenges players to survive on a deserted island. One of the key elements of the game is the need to find and create resources, including fuel for boats and other machinery. In this blog, we will discuss how to make fuel in Stranded Deep.

How To Make Fuel In Stranded Deep?

Step 1: Find Resources

The first step in making fuel is to gather the necessary resources. In Stranded Deep, fuel can be made from two main resources: crude oil and potatoes.

Crude oil can be found in barrels that wash up on shore or in underwater shipwrecks. Look for black, shiny barrels and use a tool like a pickaxe or a machete to break them open. Collect the crude oil in a container or bucket.

Potatoes can be found growing on the island or can be obtained by fishing. Catch a fish, then use a knife to gut it and collect the raw fish meat. Cook the meat on a fire, then use it to bait a potato plant. When a potato appears, harvest it by digging it up with a shovel.

Step 2: Create Fuel

Once you have gathered the necessary resources, you can create fuel. To create fuel, you will need fuel still. This can be crafted using a hammer, a lashing, and four palm fronds.

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Place the fuel still on the ground, then add the crude oil and potatoes. Use a coconut flask or a bottle to collect the fuel that is produced. It may take some time for the fuel still to process the resources, so be patient.

Step 3: Use The Fuel

Now that you have created fuel, you can use it to power your boats and other machinery. To use the fuel, simply transfer it to the fuel tank of the vehicle. Use the vehicle controls to start and stop the engine, and be careful not to run out of fuel while you are out exploring the open sea.

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How Does The Fuel Still Work In Stranded Deep?

The Fuel Still is an attachment to the Campfire. This will especially be useful towards the endgame. It allows the player to make fuel from Potatoes however, it is quite difficult, and growing Potatoes in Farm Plots is necessary.

How Do You Fill A Jerrycan In Stranded Deep?

Jerry cans are always empty when you find them. To get the fuel you need to build the fuel still and then make fuel with potatoes.

Where Can I Find A Gas Can In Stranded Deep?

The Jerrycan is a loot item found in Stranded Deep. Jerrycans can be found stored inside Shipwrecks contained within Console Cabinets and Plane Wrecks. When acquired, a Jerrycan can be used to refill the Boat Motor as well as Gyrocopter’s fuel tank.

How Do You Use The Furnace In Stranded Deep?

It is used for the production of clay objects such as Clay bottles and Clay Bricks (in conjunction with the Brick Station). The furnace burns continuously and does not have to be refueled. Due to its continuous burning, it can also be utilized as a light source at night.

Can You Refill Air Tanks In Stranded Deep?

Air Tanks are necessary for when the player explores deeper depths; attempting to dive too deep for too long will result in less time to return to the surface to breathe before drowning. Once an Air Tank’s three uses are exhausted, it cannot be refilled, but it can still be used for crafting a Speargun.

Is There A Gun In Stranded Deep?

The Carbon Spear Gun is another weapon you may find at the beginning of a session but nowhere else. The main difference with the Machete’s spawning is that you need to complete one gameplay to have the option of this weapon appearing in the game.

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In conclusion, making fuel in Stranded Deep is an important aspect of the game that can be accomplished by gathering resources and using fuel still. By following these steps, you can create fuel to power your boats and other machinery and explore the open sea. Remember to always be careful and cautious while on the island, and to gather resources whenever possible.


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