How to Keep Your Rental Car Safe from Thieves

When renting a car abroad, we are especially at risk of theft. Firstly, most rental cars will have a distinctive label that makes them immediately recognized. The key to preventing rental car theft is to not provide an opportunity. The first step is to become conscious, so you’re at the proper spot.

Thieves know that when you drive a rental car, you are less alert to your surroundings and more focused on your destination. You may be more concerned with being comfortable or reaching your goal than with your safety.

Thieves may even perceive the chance to drive a rental car for pleasure, knowing full well that it is a rental. If this is the case, they will probably leave it open and abandon it somewhere else.

Tips to Prevent Rental Car Theft

While you don’t want to spoil your vacation by worrying, there are a few steps you may take to reduce the danger.

Remember to keep your keys close

The most apparent advice is to be very conscious of where your keys are. Thieves may follow you for a short time after recognizing you as a tourist. They may do so until they perceive an opportunity to grab your keys while you are concentrating on something else, such as paying for gas or navigating a new location. In this situation, thieves may grab your keys in less than a minute.

Hide any indications of electrical valuables

When you leave your car, hide or remove any charging wires for phones, GPS, or other electronic devices. Even if you carry valuables, this may attract thieves to target the car you are renting.

Park in safe areas

Avoid parking in areas that appear risky, have glass on the ground, or are not visible to the public. Ask trusted locals, such as personnel at locations you visit, where the best area to park is. Furthermore, thieves will stick to regions that have already proven effective, which is another reason to question the locals.

Make your rented car appear local

You may make your rental automobile less appealing to thieves by not making it evident that you are a tourist. Hide any tourist maps or guides. If you’re feeling very clever, you might put a local newspaper on one of your chairs. Keeping your car clean and organized, especially with holiday items like towels, also decreases the danger.

Ensure maximum safety

For the greatest peace of mind, ensure that your rental car comes with comprehensive insurance. This insurance will aid in the unlikely but rather unavoidable event of theft. Usually, valuables must be removed for these plans to protect you, so make sure you do the same. If you have to carry valuables with you, ensure they leave the car with you or are out of sight before you reach your destination. This keeps robbers from seeing the chance.

Choose your rental car carefully

This is especially true for convertibles, so choose a rental car that is strong and equipped with safety features such as believable locking systems.

When renting an automobile, search for one that cannot be easily broken into. Check to see if the trunk has adequate capacity to keep your items. Getting a car that isn’t overly dazzling also helps, making thieves believe there’s nothing in it for them. Another important thing to remember is not to store your automobile rental contract inside. If your automobile is stolen or broken into, you may not be able to recover these documents.


While no preventative step can ensure protection against car theft, being alert and prepared goes a long way towards lowering the danger of car theft and enhancing the security of a precious asset like a car. To protect your important assets and offer peace of mind, contact EASYTERRA.