Can You Purchase Another House to Avoid Capital Gains?

Selling your house should be a joyous moment and not a tax headache. After your house’s sale, you get a massive income that you can use toward your next purchase. How would you even know that you have some income? You can always use the capital gains tax calculator for your total income. However, you need to note that capital gains can make your journey a nightmare, especially if you need help understanding the tax regulations for such a transaction. 

  • Home Sale Exclusions 

When you sell your home to a property buying company, the IRS will always allow one form of the capital gains break known as the home sale exclusions. The exclusion will always allow you to deduct some profit from your home sale. If you are selling any of your property, you can use the process that is known as the like-kind exchange. What do you want to know about the property sale and its taxes? 

The IRS typically allows two main tax breaks, which include (sections 121 and 1031). Section 121 allows all taxpayers to exclude the capital gains from the sale of their property. This first tax break only applies to the primary residence where you live. Section 1031 allows the taxpayers to defer paying the capital gains tax on the investment property by selling it to another company of the same.

To apply for such, then your property must pass two kinds of tests, which are:

  • Ownership: The taxpayers must have owned the home for at least 24 months, and it doesn’t have to be consecutive. 
  • Use and occupancy: The house must be a residence during the ownership period.

You should note that you must have no more than one primary residence legally. If you have multiples, it will interfere with the capital gains tax calculator, preventing you from getting the exact figure. 

What kind of homes can be sold under the home sale exclusions? They include: 

  • Trailers
  • Mobile homes 
  • Single-family homes 
  • Cooperative apartments 
  • Houseboats 
  • Property Buying Tips for Beginners 

Are you trying to buy or sell property but need help knowing where to begin? If you are this type of person, you need to look for a financial person to help you with the financial plan for your buying needs and goals. Getting an advisor doesn’t have to be difficult but very easy. If you are ready, contact an advisor and let the plan begin. However, even with a financial advisor, picking your dream home or property can be difficult, as everything depends on your goals and objectives. 


Can you avoid the capital gains just by buying another house? The best way to begin such a journey is to get a property buying company that can take you through the whole process with the help of a financial advisor. However, as you choose the company, be cautious enough so that you get to learn from the experts and not professionals who are just learning. After you have understood the whole process with the help of the professionals, you can go ahead with the buying process.